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#202 : Flight 1

Titre VO : Flight 1
Titre VF : Vol 01
Diffusion USA : 03/08/08
Diffusion France : 21/06/09
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : Paul organise une soirée dans son appartement pour présenter quelqu'un qui lui est cher à ses collègues de chez Sterling Cooper.

Peggy rend visite à sa famille le temps d'un dîner.

Malgré un conflit d'intérêt, l'agence Sterling Cooper se bat pour obtenir le compte d'une compagnie aérienne et Duck tente de séduire le client avec une approche peu orthodoxe.


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Plus de détails

Sterling Cooper junior staffers attend a party at Paul's New Jersey apartment. The guests include an African-American woman Paul introduces to Joan as "my baby, Sheila." When Paul leaves for a moment, Joan tells Sheila that when she dated him "the last thing I would have taken him for is open-minded." Later in the party, Ken spots a typewriter that Paul stole from the office.

On Monday morning, Sterling Cooper staffers huddle around a radio in the office and listen to a report about the crash of an American Airlines jet (on the same day as a parade for astronaut John Glenn). Don orders all Mohawk Airlines ads pulled. Later in Cooper's office, Duck suggests Sterling Cooper drop Mohawk to better position the firm to pitch to American, which is trying to salvage its image.

Pete learns that his father died in the crash. "I don't know what to do," Pete tells Don, who advises him to go home. At his parents' apartment, Pete's brother informs him their father was insolvent and that their mother's trust has substantial liens against it.

Meanwhile, Peggy visits her sister and mother. People are asking about Peggy at church, her mother says. "Would it kill you to go?" her sister asks later. "I'm capable of making my own decisions," Peggy asserts. "Really?" replies her sister. "State of New York didn't think so. The doctors didn't think so."

Back at the Drapers, Bobby tries to sneak candies while his parents play cards with neighbors Francine and Carlton. "He's a little liar," Betty declares about her son Bobby who passed off a traced drawing as his own. When Don and Carlton suggest it isn't a big deal, she asks, "What about all that praise he accepted for something he didn't do?"

As Peggy prepares to leave her sister and mother, her sister asks, "Aren't you going to say goodnight?" Peggy briefly peeks in on a blond-haired blue-eyed infant from the doorway of the bedroom.

The card party over, Don hints to Betty that Carlton isn't happy. "He should be happy and grateful," says Betty considering what he put Francine through.

Over at his apartment, while he and Trudy get ready for bed, Pete recalls his final conversation with his dad, an argument about dog breeds. "Neither of you knew it was the last time," Trudy reassures him.

At work the next day Joan calls Paul a phony after he asks what she said to Sheila at the party. Laughing, she says, "You're out there in your poor-little-rich-boy apartment in Newark or wherever, walking around with your pipe and your beard, falling in love with that girl just to show everyone how interesting you are." Paul accuses her of being jealous.

Duck visits Pete's office and asks him to attend a meeting that evening with Shel Keneally, Duck's contact at American. Pete says he feels uncomfortable doing so this soon after his father's death. "I haven't even cried yet," Pete admits.

Roger orders Don to find "a quiet place, but public" to notify Henry Wofford at Mohawk that the agency is dropping the account. When Don asks what kind of company Sterling Cooper is going to be, Roger comes back with, "The kind where everyone has a summer house?"

At day's end, Joan discovers that someone has posted a photocopy of her driver's license with her birth date circled. "I never would have guessed you were in your thirties," Peggy tells her.

Dropping Mohawk "wasn't my decision," Don tells Henry at a Japanese restaurant. Henry reminds Don of his pitch that Mohawk and Sterling Cooper would grow big together. "I'm almost embarrassed to say this," Henry adds as he gets up. "You fooled me."

Over at their meeting, Shel tells Duck that American is "just sticking our toe in the water" regarding an agency change. "We jumped in," Duck announces as Pete appears. When Shel continues to hedge, Pete illustrates Sterling Cooper's understanding of American's dilemma by telling the executive about his father's death.

Don's waitress at the Japanese restaurant asks if he wants her to swing back around on her way out. "Not tonight," he replies.

The next Sunday, Peggy attends Mass. At communion time her sister hands Peggy the baby, who is crying, to her. Peggy bounces the boy on her knee, but he continues to cry.

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