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#205 : The New Girl

Titre VO : The New Girl
Titre VF : La Nouvelle
Diffusion USA : 24/08/08
Diffusion France : 28/06/09
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : Une nouvelle fois, Don se retrouve à devoir gérer les problèmes entre son comédien Jimmy et sa femme, Bobbie. Il aura une liaison avec cette dernière et un accident de voiture. Il fera appel à Peggy pour l'héberger.

Joan trouve finallement la secrétaire parfaite pour Don.


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Pete and Trudy meet with a fertility specialist. Pete tells the doctor that "of course" he wants a child, though he cites "the bomb," the contracting economy, and the general state of the world as causes for anxiety.

Over at the office, Joan shows off her flashy new engagement ring. A jubilant Bobbie Barrett calls Don from Sardi's restaurant and invites him to celebrate the sale of the TV pilot for Grin and Barrett. Although he says he's working, he later shows up at the restaurant. Shortly after he does, Rachel Katz nee Menken arrives with her husband. When Don queries about the rival ad agency handling her family's department store, Rachel calls him "all business." After Rachel departs, Bobbie proposes that she and Don head out to her Long Island beach house. She wants to make love on the sand "with the surf pounding behind us."

On the drive to the beach, Don loses control of the car when Bobbie distracts him with a kiss. At the police station, Don has failed a sobriety test and hasn't enough cash to pay the fine. Peggy arrives with the money and drives Don and Bobbie back to town. "I'll forget this," Peggy tells Don then adds that she doesn't want him treating her badly because she knows about the incident.

At home, Don informs Betty about his high blood pressure, and says that the combination of prescribed pills and booze may have contributed to the accident. "I didn't want to worry you," he replies when she asks why he didn't tell her about his condition or call about the accident. Bobbie, who is staying with Peggy because she doesn't want her husband to see her black eye, phones Jimmy the next morning to say she's at a fat farm.

Over at the office, Ken, Paul, and Harry -- the "welcome wagon," quips Joan -- drop by to greet Jane Siegel, the college graduate Joan has hired as Don's new secretary. Don, his arm in a sling, barely acknowledges the new girl, telling Ken that he's not paying attention to new secretaries until they've survived a month. When Ken informs him that Jimmy Barrett wants to stop by, Don phones Bobbie. She doesn't know why Jimmy wants to meet but assures Don that everything is under control.

"I'm sorry, but it's killing me," Bobbie tells Peggy before asking her why she's bailing Don out of his mess. "He's done a lot for me," Peggy replies. Later, Bobbie further quizzes Peggy about Don. "I'm not your competition," Peggy tells Bobbie. In a flashback, she's seen in the hospital a short time after giving birth being visited by her mother and then-pregnant sister.

At the office, Roger tells Joan he doesn't see why she'd want to get married. "Hasn't stopped you from having a good time," Joan replies. Later, she reprimands Jane, who's attracted a swarm of men around her desk. The office hinges on "professional decorum," Joan maintains, though moments later Fred Rumsen pops out of his office and performs a Mozart tune using the fly of his pants.

Back at Peggy's apartment, Bobbie says Peggy won't advance until she starts treating Don as an equal. "You can't be a man," Bobbie adds. "Be a woman. It's powerful business when done correctly."

Pete and Trudy argue when a test reveals that his sperm isn't the reason they're having difficulty conceiving a child. After Pete questions the rush to have a baby and lists the drawbacks of parenting -- "You can't travel, you can't go to the movies" -- Trudy calls him immature and faults him for not showing more concern for her feelings. "I really do want a baby," she tells him.

In a second flashback, Don visits Peggy in the hospital. He advises her to do "whatever they say" to get released and then move forward with her life. "This never happened," he says. "It will shock you how much it never happened."

At the office, Don chides Peggy in front of Pete and Sal for not having finished an assignment. After the two men leave, she addresses Don as "Mr. Draper" when she apologizes for being unprepared but replies, "Thank you, Don," when he repays some of the bail money she loaned him. As Peggy is leaving Don's office, Jimmy and Bobbie Barrett arrive. Jimmy thanks Don for convincing the owners of Utz Potato Chips to let him do Grin and Barrett while still under contract.

At home that night, Betty serves Don a salt-free dinner. "Why can't Daddy have salt?" asks Sally. Betty replies, "Because we love him."

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