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#206 : Maidenform

Titre VO :
Titre VF : Cherchez la Femme
Diffusion USA : 31/08/08
Diffusion France : 05/07/09
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : Don et Duck tente de faire la paix. Peggy tente de s'incruster dans les "sorties d'après bureau".

Duck doit gérer la visite de sa famille à l'agence.


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Duck informs Don and the staff that Playtex wants a new campaign akin to the fantasy-oriented approach of competitor Maidenform. Afterwards, Pete, Peggy, and Sal discuss possible directions for the Clearasil account with Pete pushing his own tagline ("Thanks Clearasil") onto Peggy's concept.

At the Memorial Day event at a country club, Betty runs into Arthur Case from the stables. He feels responsible for her changing her riding schedule and vows to stay out of her way. She says, "Let's be friends." Don stands when the emcee asks all servicemen to rise and be recognized. As the club's swimwear fashion show begins, Don exits after telling Betty that he's needed at the office. However, he calls Bobbie Barrett shortly thereafter, but Bobbie says she has to cancel their rendezvous.

The following day, Pete tells Peggy his father-in-law loved his tagline. Peggy responds that she's aware they both need to keep his father-in-law happy. When she adds, "I do my job, you do yours," he asks her what that's supposed to mean. "Nothing," she replies.

Roger drops by Don's office then orders Don to have lunch with Duck to make peace over the American Airlines debacle. Duck, in his office with his children, learns that his ex-wife is remarrying and is returning his dog because the new husband is allergic.

Paul Kinsey maneuvers his way onto the Playtex account after a boys' night out reaps a new idea: All women want to be Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe. Peggy asks which one she is. "Gertrude Stein," Ken says. After this presentation, Peggy tells Fred she wants to be included in any after-hours outings.

Don drops by Duck's office in lieu of lunch and says he feels that Duck is trying to sell the client's idea to Don instead of Don's idea to the client. For his part, Duck maintains that going after American was a risk worth taking because it made people think differently about Sterling Cooper. He asks if he and Don can move forward. In a tense moment, Don says yes.

"Oh, where did you come from?" Bobbie sighs to Don in bed. "You're a lion," she says later. "Now I know what you like."

"No one told me about this," Peggy complains to Ken when she learns he's running a casting call for bra models. "I didn't think you'd want to come," Ken replies. Leaving the office that evening, Pete meets one of the bra models and winds up at her apartment for a tryst.

The next morning Betty makes breakfast wearing the bikini she bought at the fashion show. When Don tells her he thinks it looks desperate, she says she didn't know it looked that way.

At the office, Peggy asks Joan why she isn't being included in all the memos. Joan says that Peggy needs to "learn to speak the language" of the creative and accounts teams and advises her to take herself seriously and "stop dressing like a little girl."

Don unveils the new Jackie/Marilyn campaign for two Playtex executives. They love it but decide that they prefer their current, conservative approach after all. Don consoles Duck, saying the exercise probably bought them a few more years of business with the company. To show their appreciation, the Playtex execs offer a night on the town for those who worked on the account. Peggy overhears Fred's suggestion that they meet at a strip joint.

That evening Duck considers drinking liquor straight from the bottle as his dog looks on. Although he resists the temptation, he intentionally abandons his dog on the sidewalk outside the office.

Bobbie spoils the mood for Don during lovemaking by saying things like "It's flattering to be able to keep you interested" and "I want the full Don Draper treatment." When he learns that she and other women have been talking about his reputation in bed, he ties her wrists to the bed, gets dressed, and leaves.

Peggy shows up at the strip club wearing a gown that shows cleavage, her hair no longer in a ponytail. "Tell me what you want for Christmas," says one of the Playtex execs, ushering her onto his lap while the burlesque performer continues her act. Peggy meets Pete's disapproving stare.

At the Draper house the next morning, daughter Sally watches Don shave until he suddenly asks her to leave. Sitting on the toilet and staring blankly, he slowly wipes the shaving cream off his face. He didn't like something he saw in the mirror.

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