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#410 : Hands and Knees

Titre VO : Hands and Knees
Titre VF : A Genoux
Diffusion USA : 26/09/10
Diffusion France : 03/11/11
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : Après avoir décroché un contrat du gouvernement, Don panique quand deux agents se présentent chez Betty.

Pete est face à un dilemme moral. Lane présente sa petite amie à son père venu lui rendre visite. Roger doit jongler entre Joan et Lucky Strike.

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Joan informs Roger that she’s pregnant. Since Greg has been away too long, Roger is the father. Don, meanwhile, prompts shrieks of delight from Sally with the news that he's taking her to a Beatles concert.

Robert Pryce, Lane's father, arrives in New York to escort his son back to London. Lane rejects the idea, but invites his father to dinner that evening and asks Don to tag along.

Don, Pete, Lane and Harry meet with executives of North American Aviation about promoting the defense corporation's cutting-edge technology. The NAA documents contain many redacted passages, but the amount will diminish as their partnership progresses, the executives say.

At the Playboy Club, Lane introduces Don and his father to a black Playboy Bunny named Toni. "She's the finest waitress," Lane gushes.

The next day, two government agents visit Betty in Ossining. Don has applied for security clearance, they say, and they're conducting a routine background check. Betty freezes when asked, "Do you have any reason to believe that Mr. Draper isn't who he says he is?" After a pause, she answers “No.”

Betty calls Don to complain about the incident. "I'm sick to my stomach," she says. Don replies that he knew nothing about applying for clearance, but thanks her for not revealing his identity.

Megan shows Don a copy of the application, which she filled out and had him sign. She didn't call his attention to the document because it merely requested standard employment information.

Lane slips into the Playboy Club to see Toni. "You know that I love you, my chocolate Bunny," he says, explaining that he wanted his father to meet her so he'd understand why Lane is remaining in New York.

Roger and Joan visit a doctor about her pregnancy. "You've used this woman," the doctor scolds Roger before reluctantly recommending a New Jersey doctor who performs abortions.

Don, concerned that Megan's entries on his clearance application don't match the real Don Draper's records, asks Pete to halt the investigation. When Don hints that he'd flee to avoid getting caught, Pete agrees to contact his friend in the defense department.

Roger wonders if Joan's pregnancy is a sign that they're supposed to be together, though he also muses that she could keep the baby and let Greg think it's his own. She'll handle the matter, Joan replies, and he needn't accompany her.

In bed that night, Betty tells Henry about the agents, saying that she doesn't want any secrets between them.

The next day, Pete suggests to Don that the agency could survive his exposure. There's no statue of limitations for desertion, argues Don. Pete grumbles that it took him three years to grow NAA into a $4 million account. "Get rid of it," Don orders.

Don directs his accountant to establish trust funds for his children and to allow Betty access. The accountant advises against doing so, but Don insists that he create the trusts immediately.

In the abortion doctor's waiting room, Joan consoles a mother whose 17-year-old daughter is terminating a pregnancy. “How old is your daughter?” the woman asks.

Back in New York, Roger dines with Lee Garner Jr., who announces that Lucky Strike's board is dropping Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in order to consolidate their brands at BBDO. Roger begs Lee to keep silent for thirty days so he can get SCDP's affairs in order. Lee agrees.

Back at the office, Faye notices that Don is feverish and escorts him home. Two suited men approach them in the hallway, and Don suffers a panic attack that persists even after he realizes the men aren't government agents.

At his apartment, Lane again introduces Toni to his father, kissing her as she departs. "Are you more distraught that I found someone I love, or that she's a Negro?" Lane asks. Robert bashes his cane over Lane's head and steps on his hand until Lane consents to return to England.

At the Campbell apartment, Trudy senses that Pete is troubled. Pete alludes to people whose lies destroy everything they touch, leaving "the honest people" to deal with the fallout.

Roger goes through his Rolodex calling old contacts, including one whose widow informs Roger that the man has died.

Declaring himself tired of running, Don reveals his true background to Faye, who spends the night with him. The next morning, Pete arrives unannounced and finds her there. Don hasn't been exposed yet, says Pete, and if the agency drops the account the investigation will cease.

At the office, Joan tells Roger that everything went fine at the doctor’s. "We avoided a tragedy," she says.

At a meeting of the partners, Pete confesses to an error that has cost the agency NAA's business. Roger rebukes Pete so vehemently that Cooper demands he apologize. Lane announces that he's taking a leave of absence to return to London. Despite Pete's news, Lane says, the company is in sound fiscal shape.

Joan questions the remaining partners about current accounts, starting with Lucky Strike. Roger gives a “thumbs up.”

Faye visits Don in his office. All is well, he assures her. After Faye leaves, Megan hands Don the Beatles tickets. "You see?” she says. “Everything worked out.”

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