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#207 : The Gold Violin

Titre VO : The Gold Violin
Titre VF : Le Violon d'Or
Diffusion USA : 07/09/08
Diffusion France : 05/07/09
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : Don achète une nouvelle voiture ce qui correspond à son image de cadre "qui a réussi". Sa secrétaire commet une grave erreur qui pourrait causer des problèmes à Joan.

Cooper a une nouvelle oeuvre d'art dans son bureau qui attire l'attention de ses employés.

Betty découvre que son mari le trompe avec la femme de Jimmy.

Plus de détails

Don is at a Cadillac dealership admiring the latest models. The salesman speculates that Don would be as comfortable in a Coupe de Ville as he is in his own skin. Don flashes back to a memory of his early career as a used-car salesman, and one particular day during which a woman accused him of not being Don Draper. Back in the present, Don declines an offer to test-drive the Cadillac.

Later that day Don meets with recent hires Smitty and Kurt. The duo contend that today's youth don't "want to be told what to do or how to act. We just want to be." Later, at the close of the workday, Jane leads Ken, Sal and Harry into Cooper's office to view his new painting, a Rothko. Paul exits saying, "Call me from jail."

Ken muses to Sal that he could write a great short story about their escapade then learns that Sal has read (and liked) his story in Atlantic Monthly. Shortly thereafter, Ken asks Sal to read his latest effort. Sal says he'd be honored and invites Ken over for Sunday dinner.

At a pitch meeting, Smitty plays a calypso ditty for the folks from Martinson Coffee. "It's a song, and it's a mood," Smitty explains. "It stays with you," Peggy adds.

In Cooper's office to review media buys, Harry brings up the Rothko even as he admits he knows nothing about art. "Mr. Crane, you're here because of numbers. Stick to that," Cooper states.

Jimmy Barrett calls Betty to invite her and Don to a party at the Stork Club to celebrate ABC's acquisition of Grin and Barrett. "It would mean a lot to me if you were there," he tells her.

Duck informs Don that Sterling Cooper has landed the Martinson account. Jane interrupts to say that Cooper wants to see Don in his office. Cooper volunteers that Don has been invited to join the "people who get to decide what will happen in our world," which in this case means the board of a folk art museum.

Back downstairs, Joan fires Jane for sneaking into Cooper's office. Toting a box of her belongings, Jane drops by Roger's office before leaving. Roger tells her to come back on Monday and promises to smooth things over with Joan. At home, Don shows Betty their new Coupe de Ville, and she tells him about Jimmy's invitation.

On Sunday, Ken arrives at Sal and Kitty's apartment. Sal says he loved Ken's story, "The Gold Violin" which was inspired by a violin Ken saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ("It was perfect in every way except it couldn't make music," says Ken.) After Ken leaves, Kitty breaks down in tears, saying Sal left her out of the conversation the entire night. "Do you even see me here?" she asks. "I am so sorry," he replies. As he's cleaning up, Sal discovers a lighter that Ken left behind.

That same day while the Drapers picnic in a park, Sally asks, "Are we rich?" Betty replies it's not polite to talk about money.

On Monday morning, Ken thanks Sal for dinner and compliments Sal and Kitty's home. Joan expresses surprise that Jane has shown up for work. Jane responds the Mr. Sterling informed her that Joan often loses her temper, "that you're impetuous and it's not serious." A few exchanges later, Joan walks away and Jane goes back to her typing.

At the Stork Club, Jimmy offers Betty champagne while Bobbie and Don talk business with an ABC exec. "Over here at the kids' table" as he puts it, Jimmy reveals his suspicion that Don and Bobbie had an affair. "You people are ugly and crude," Betty responds before abruptly leaving.

A few moments later Don tells Jimmy that he and Betty are leaving because she's not feeling well. Jimmy thanks Don for getting him everything he wanted. "And what did you get? Bobbie. Lots of people had that." Just before Betty returns to Don's side, Jimmy adds, "You don't screw another man's wife. You're garbage. And you know it."

Betty and Don drive home in the Coupe de Ville but don't speak. The silence is broken only when Betty vomits in her lap.

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