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#211 : The Jet-Set

Titre VO : The Jet-Set
Titre VF : Jet-Set
Diffusion USA : 12/10/08
Diffusion France : 19/07/09
Guests Stars :

Résumé court : En voyage d'affaires à Los Angeles, Don se fait de nouveaux amis surprenants.

Peggy cherche à rencontrer l'amour au bureau et elle change de look.

Duck commence à penser à l'avenir de Sterling Cooper. Roger profite de sa nouvelle femme.





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Jane, in bed at the Sherry-Netherland hotel draped only in a sheet, recites lines from a poem she's written about Roger: "You make me new with laughter. You make me old with wisdom." Their souls are the same age, she tells Roger moments before he proposes marriage. She accepts with a nod.

A day before the aeronautics convention, Don stands poolside in Southern California wearing sport coat and hat; the airline lost his luggage. Pete wants to spend the day at the pool, but Don instructs him to call contacts. At the pool bar, Willy, a Count, introduces Don to Joy, a young woman he says has had her eye on Don. "That never happens," Willy remarks when Don declines an offer to dine.

Back in New York, Roger meets with George Rothman, a divorce lawyer who warns that Roger's wife, Mona, "has the marriage license, and she wants to hurt you." Roger says to proceed with the divorce anyway. "This is the life I was always meant to have," he says of his relationship with Jane.

Duck drops by Roger's office requesting to be made a Sterling Cooper partner; Roger confesses to be "at a loss" to describe Duck's accomplishments, advising him to "make rain" if expects to achieve his goal.

At the convention, Don and Pete attend a presentation about MIRV missiles and nuclear warheads, after which Pete gleefully points out that one defense company spends more on media buys than "three Lucky Strikes."

"Why would you deny yourself something you want?" Joy asks Don later that day, convincing him to drive with her to Palm Springs, where her mostly Euro set ("We're nomads together") is hanging out at a friend's swank house. Upon arrival, Don collapses from heat exhaustion but recovers sufficiently by evening to charm the guests with his repartee. After dinner, he and Joy make love.

While Joan and several junior executives share baked goods the next day compliments of a new Sterling Cooper client, Kurt reminds Peggy about their plans to hear Bob Dylan in Greenwich Village that evening. Eyebrows rise all around, but then Kurt stuns them all by saying: "I make love with the men, not the women." Smitty shrugs off Kurt's homosexuality: "He's from Europe." Ken says he's not sure he wants to work with a queer. "What, he's the first homo you ever met in advertising?" asks Smitty.

Back in Palm Springs, Don and Joy are still in bed; she's reading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. Asked, "Is it good?" she replies that their sex was good, the book merely okay. When Willy drops by the bedroom and says about Joy, "I make beautiful babies," Don realizes that Willy's Joy's father.

In New York, Duck meets up with two British colleagues to inquire about openings at his old firm. Told there aren't any, he proposes that the company buy Sterling Cooper to increase its U.S. presence. He says he can make this happen on these terms: He receives a finder's fee, is made president, and gets control over the creative department.

That evening, Kurt drops by Peggy's apartment to escort her to the Dylan performance. Over wine before they depart, she asks what makes her always pick the wrong guys. "You are old style," he declares. "I fix you," he adds, meaning a new hairdo. "Just a trim," she says, but right off he slices away most of her ponytail.

Sipping a drink in the pool with Joy, Don learns that her crowd is heading to the Bahamas. "It's what we do," she replies when he asks why. "Something about taxes." In between kisses, she tells him that her father will take care of Don because Don's beautiful and doesn't talk too much.

The next morning in New York, Duck receives a case of Tanqueray gin compliments of his British colleagues. Pete returns from California saying that there were plenty of business opportunities, though he found the people unusual. "I'm glad to be home," he tells Sal. He notices that something is different about Peggy, but she has to tell him it's her hair. "Kurt's a homo," Ken informs him.

Duck heads up to Cooper's office, where he tells Roger and Bertram that his former colleagues want to buy Sterling Cooper. Roger and Bertram agree to give the British firm five days to make an offer.

Still in Palm Springs, Don makes a call and says, "Hello. It's Dick Whitman." He tells the person on the other end of the line, "I'd love to see you. Soon."

Back in suburban New York, a deliveryman leaves Don's lost suitcase outside his front door.

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